Frequently Asked Web Page Questions

1. How do I get my free web page?
We have two systems for distributors, each depends on your experience on the internet.
• A. The affiliate page builder is for people who know the internet and wish to place a professionally written web page on their own website in a quick manner. If you do not have your own website, you do not need this tool.
• B. The permanent home page at is for people who have little experience on the internet and wish to have a professionally writtem page to point customers to. This requires only your affiliate ID. Once you have completed the simple form and clicked the button, your page will be created at"Your ID".htm
*Please note, when filling in the form for your page, the system is case sensitive.

2. Can I change my free home page at
At this time we do not allow editing of the free home page.

3. Do I need a banner?
The banners we have are for advertising around the internet. If you plan to advertise or use on your own site, feel free to use them.

4. I'm having trouble logging in. Why?
There are several reasons that will cause a login failure. Perhaps the most common is using capitalizations and punctuation. For example, the following ID's are not the same:
• abc
• Abc
Each of the examples above are different. If this is not the problem, and your password is correct, please email .

5. The home page builder tells me my ID is aready in use, why?
If you get this message, that means you have already created your home page. To see it, visit"Your ID".htm

6. May I use your graphics for my website?
As a registered distributor, you are entitled to use all the images and text found on and

What about other Lesko sites?
Graphics that appear on distributor sites that do not appear on or were created by those site owners. You may ask them for permission.

7. Can you help me build a web page for the search engines?
Internet marketing is a specialized field. The manual you have describes all the basic techniques. Beyond that information, we recommend you visit for details on internet search engine marketing and page design.